Friday, September 28, 2012


Okay, I'm all for reading. I love reading. I love picking up a book or even downloading something onto my Kindle and sitting for as long as possible to enjoy some literature/entertainment. I love how books give you the opportunity to use your imagination to put the words to action in your mind.

A while back....months ago...everyone started talking about "50 Shades" and even my bookclub got caught up in it. Should we read it? Is it dirty? Oooh, let's go for it. I made it through just about two chapters and only because it was a free download on my Kindle.

My first thought on the book - poorly written. I can get past that. I'm no scholar so who am I to judge. So many people were loving it so I continued...and then I finished chapter 1. How many times does this main character roll her eyes? How many times does she bite her lip?

Soon after reading those pages I told my book club that I was out - I couldn't get past the free download and there was no way I'd get through the entire book nevermind I didn't want to pay for it.

In fear of this becoming a full-fledged review I'm stopping my analysis on the book  but rather going into what really 'got' me about it. Hypocritical females.

Women all over are all giggly about reading this book. They think they're being 'bad'. They're going to slumber parties to buy 'toys' because the book gives them the courage to do things they never would otherwise dare...or never had the imagination to come up with. Honestly, the same stories are featured in a monthly magazine that's considered dirty and these same women won't allow their husbands to get a subscription. They're actually better written in the magazine and vary without using the same phrases about turning shades of red or cocking their heads to the right every 5 minutes.

What's got me even more bothered is that around the same time as this hub-bub was a certain movie in theaters...Magic Mike. These same women all went to the movies giggling and cheering but if their hubbies wanted to watch Striptease or even go to a club - HECK NO! Really? So you're allowed to read porn and look at male dancers (and never mind how women behave at these places) but your hubby can't have a subscription to a magazine because it's dirty?

In America we're so far behind when it comes to certain things and sex is one of them. In other countries they have topless beaches and whatnot but here...oh good lord that woman is breastfeeding in public! Cover her up!

As for me - I didn't read 'the book' and I didn't see 'the movie'. For my bachelorette party we went to a bar and my friends made me a shirt with candy stuck on it. You know where that leads. I also had cards with silly things I had to do/say. My hubby never got a bachelor's party because the wife of his bestman didn't ALLOW her hubby to go to such places. Did I need a book like that to even know some of the things no. Do I actually read 'those magazines with those stories'? Yes, and sometimes I even open them before my hubby.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jammies all Day and BonBons? I wish!

I love how people give you 'the look' when they find out you're homeschooling your child. I love that the assumption is that you sit around all day watching Lifetime while your child does whatever. In some cases, learning IS hands-off like that: when you go to the park or the beach or a center but usually Mom is IT.

Today really put the idea that homeschool moms not just sitting around in jammies eating bonbons all day in my head. I got up at 9 and started laundry. From there I started going through my son's school books. He does cyber school so most of the teaching is online from an amazing assortment of teachers on everything from science to math to reading and more.

After organizing 'homeworks' that need to be scanned into his teacher (yes, he has an actual PA certified teacher grading his work and overseeing me) I sent them over. I then went over his workbook to make sure we had everything completed.

He received some of his physical education materials last week so I printed out that form so we could keep track of 'gym class'. We went rollerskating last week with a local homeschool group (yes, we DO socialize our children) and just last night the family went bowling. Playing Wii Sports also meets the requirements so the little guy LOVES that he can play Wii for school. He was also playing golf in the back yard for a half hour and did cup stacking the other day for about as long.All of this needs to be documented to make sure he's meeting requirements.

I then went into his art and Spanish class folders. Yes, in first grade he not only has an actual art appreciation class but also Spanish.

Some people don't take it seriously and that so bothers me. He IS going to school and he IS learning and no I'm NOT taking the 'easy' way out but rather I'm putting MORE effort in because I'm not just doing homework with him at night but I'm also there all day while he's learning. I'm the guide who helps read assignments to him and who preps for various activities throughout his day. I'm the nurse when he doesn't feel well. I'm the lunch lady when he's ready for a sandwich. I'm the one watching him when he's playing outside and playing along in between other mom/wife stuff. Easy? No. Worth it? Yes.

Why? Honestly I just like being a part of his education. I like being there helping him learn and I love the curriculum because it doesn't limit him. If he gets stuck on something we can take the time to go over it. If he's finding something too easy we can get through it a bit faster. He doesn't get bored with school because it's constantly changing and he honestly enjoys it.

I could go on and on but another time. For now we need to get ready for tomorrow's spelling test.