Friday, November 30, 2012

The Communication Age

My little man isn't so little anymore. I admit, I was overjoyed when he began writing his name (no more signing for him on cards). I was excited when he wanted a pen pal and was able to correspond 'mostly' on his own, but now...he's asked for it...his own email.

I always hear the dangers of kids and email. I get plenty of spam messages and I'd be checking his account for him. We wouldn't give it out to many and so I don't know if I really need to be THAT concerned BUT the concern is still there. Maybe it's a 'mom' thing...just wanting to protect my kid from any possible harm.

There IS a solution though and it's rather inexpensive and free to try!

Safe E-mail for Kids! is a safe email service for kids and families. Your kids can now have a safe email account while allowing parents to be aware of any correspondence their children send and receive. You supervise your children when they go outside to play. Do you know who is contacting your child inside of your home? Let us help you keep your kids safe online! Safe Email for Kids? We've got you covered! Get a Free 60 Day Trial Now! This is for US Family Guide users ONLY! 

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